• Modular

    It should be easy to fit our adventures into an existing campaign, or to use them as a jumping off point to other published adventures.

  • Grounded

    Existing RPG tropes are challenged, but not thrown to the curb.

  • Referential

    We will not shy from recommending other products, if there are opportunities to foreshadow them at the table.

About Astellan Press

Astellan Press creates adventure! All our products are intended to be usable at the table, not just entertaining to read.

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Our Products

The Fell Folk of the Moors - Cruel attacks by strange dwarves in the Ilorin wood have disturbed the peace of Withgan village. Many fearful and angry people blame their dwarven neighbors, who profess innocence but proudly prepare to defend themselves. The faithful few of Withgan explore the perilous forest, uncover its mysteries, and restore security and trust to their home. These brave adventurers are up against more than ordinary bandits, but rather an ancient and fearsome people. Fantastical creatures, powerful magic, and fabulous treasures await discovery, as well as gruesome death for the unlucky and unwary.


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